Health Link Consulting


Needing a brand new website, Health Link came to Key:3 and received a website that they can completely control using a great new content management tool custom fit for their needs.

Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization


In need of a complete makeover, OREIO hired Key Three to redesign their website. With phase one of this project complete, members can easily find information about upcoming events and OREIO staff and easily update content at any time.

A True Brew


Seeking a clean and professional look, A True Brew came to Key Three for a quality website design.

Champ Car Online


Recognizing the need for a lively and energetic website for Champ Car fans around the world, Key Three was hired to design and develop a website that offered photos, podcasts, movies, and more.

With the addition of a forum, store, and news articles, the website's appeal has been drawing in a loyal set of fans at record speeds.

Afariwaa Farms


A famous brand name in Ghana and the rest of West Africa, Afariwaa Farms recognized the need for an online precence. Now the company can easily share important information about their farms with investors, customers, and other businesses in the area and around the world.

Our Baby Diary


A current work in progress, this project is a large-scale public portal for anybody to sign-up and share photos and videos of their baby with friends and family.

Being a website that users will regularly visit, the store is expected to receive many loyal shoppers looking to find a discount on baby-related goods. Because visual appeal and reliability is of utmost importance in the success of this venture, Key Three was hired to build it from the ground up.

Princess Towers


A popular residence for students attending university in Kingston Ontario, Princess Towers hired Key Three to build a simple but attractive website. It had to appeal to a younger audience and easily provide visitors with all the necessary information.

Afariwaa Estates


A Ghanaian organization looking to appeal to both the local and global market hired Key Three to build a website that would showcase their homes. The design had to be simple, quick, and to the point to ensure that investors and home buyers found the information they were looking for.